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National HVAC Services

Authority provides 100% national coverage in all fifty states and Puerto Rico. Our contractors are treated as vested long-term partners in the success of your account. We foster contractor loyalty by paying fairly and timely. Our workflow processes are built around reducing complexity. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff and intuitive processes let the tech on the ground do what he does best – get your location back online.

Self-Performed HVAC Services

Authority HVAC self-performs HVAC services in California, Texas and Arizona. Our service technicians are methodically screened, receive the latest in safety and technical training, and utilize the most current mobile technology. We are the “employer of choice” in these markets – we invest heavily in benefits, 401k plans, and new company vehicles to be the best option for qualified HVAC talent.

Authority HVAC has been providing both national and self-performing HVAC services since 2006.

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We’re urgent. Time is money, and when a location is down, you are losing money. We get it. “Hurry Up” is the default speed at Authority.

We’re doggedly persistent. We love tough work orders because our ability to solve them separates us from our competitors.

We communicate. Your request confirmations, ETA’s, onsite confirmations, and resolutions will always be timely. The information will always be clear and detailed. We will provide the answers before you have to ask the question.

We’re honest when we fail and take ownership of making things right. Unfortunately we’re human; so sometimes things happen. We hold ourselves accountable when things go wrong, and make sure to double our efforts to get a resolution.

We keep the pricing fair. Money is important and we treat our customers’ resources with respect.

We listen. Being entrusted with your business is a solemn responsibility, and thoughtfully listening to questions, concerns, and challenges allows us to be your best HVAC provider.

On-Demand Repair At Authority HVAC

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